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Public Site: Generic Access to Permit Records

This web site is for reference purposes only. You can make this site accessible to the general public without worrying about anyone changing any data. Some of the more sensitive fields (such as fee information) are hidden on this site.

Staff Site: ZP SQL for the Web

This is the newsest web site for employees to use. You must log in to use this site (use "zpdemo" for both prompts in the demo). The goal of this site is to allow you to do most everything you can do from the Windows interface via a web site. It's not there yet...but it is gaining new abilities all the time. It also has some abilities that the Windows client doesn't, like close integration with Google mapping. This site can be used on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops.

Contractor Inspection Request Site

This web site allows contractors to request inspections on-line and follow the progress of their requests and the subsequent inspection results. Contractors must be given special password access to use the web site. Use ID Code "CT001003" and password "zpdemo" to explore the site.

Application Request Site

This is a rough demo of a web site that allows citizens to submit Building and Zoning permit requests on-line. The submitted applications are reveiwable in ZonePro SQL before they are added as permit records.

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